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Why Choose Us

If you are looking for a search professional to fill a key position or multiple positions you are in the right place. We can do the job to your satisfaction and we can contribute to the success of your team.          

At MSI we specialize in your industry and we specialize in positions that are the most difficult to fill.   We know Senior Management, Certified Flavor Chemists, high producing Account Managers, Senior Applications talent and Senior Regulatory talent are not easy to come by when you need the best.  At MSI we understand what it takes to identify, attract, and secure the best talent in the market for these positions.   

We know this because we ask the tough questions that may be hard to answer but which are key to becoming clear on exactly what is expected.  Once answered these questions become essential to guiding the search toward the right candidates and judging how the search is progressing.    For instance, below are questions we always ask.  

- For a candidate to come on board and hit the street running, what critical success factors or skills must they possess right now? 

 - Of these factors what are the most important?  Can you rank them for me?  Where might you be flexible on these?    
- One year from now if your choice for this position does a fantastic job what would they have accomplished?

When these and other questions are answered everyone involved knows what to expect and how things are progressing.  There are many more questions to be answered but these are some of the more important of all.  

We look forward to answering any questions that may be unique to your search and recruiting needs.